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Unlocking Our Potential

For Self Improvement initiatives, Unlocking Potential provides you a personal coach to guide you down your path of success.

We are confident you will find value and new strategies with our Personal Development program, and we wish you the utmost success in all areas of your life. Let's get going!

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For Corporations and Organizations, Dr. Bill Meyer offers Executive Coaching Sessions, Keynote and small group presentations and a Personal and Professional Development Software Program

Providing assistance with Organizational Development initiatives of all types Bill's expertise is especially effective for:

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Executive Coaching

  • Sales leadership

  • Mentoring

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Leveraging a life-long interest in both business and golf, Bill Meyer provides Business and Golf seminars, presentations and/or outings through a unique blend of ”The Mental Side of Golf” training and leading-edge business models This process sharpens the skills in both areas.  Your “take-aways” will give you more enjoyment on the golf course, better results in business, and strengthened relationships.

Golf is playing an increasingly important role in business today with companies and individuals.

Let Bill help you:

  • Entertain your clients with a golf outing that includes a coaching session on the mental game.

  • Entertain you clients with a golf outing that includes an indoor training session focused on both business and golf initiatives, followed by an on-the-course reinforcement coaching session.

  • Teach your executives how to make the most out of "Business Golf" opportunities no matter what their skill level.

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Bill Meyer is a member of the National Speaker's Association


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